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Okuno, Mamoru – Artistic Research
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PROJECT A long listening journey of a Possible World especially of Japanese & Dutch & something more

My current project is inspired by a geography book published in Amsterdam in 1669, titled “Gedenkwaerdige Gezantschappen der Oost-Indische Maatschappy in ‘t Vereenigde Nederland, aan de Kaisaren van Japan”. This book, 456 pages of text with 71 engraved illustrations and 23 double-paged engravings folded in, comprehensively showcases Japanese people, culture and history to Western society. The bookmakers who had never been to Japan collected information and images, created a possible world, which was in between imaginary and actual. The project is based on the research around this imaginary world, and realised with a series of works including performance, video, and a publication. A part of the series will be shown for the graduation show.

THESIS Generative Listening & Making Things to be Listened to

In this paper, I discuss the extended notion of listening in relation to my past projects and some of the key concepts that I have been working on, such as text-as-score, textual polyphony, and conceptual-sound-localisation. Conceptual listening is an attitude toward the world that approaches it through a sonic sensibility that reaches beyond the heard and engages in the audible or visible and the inaudible and invisible as if hearing it as well. My basic proposition is that listening can be an attentive way of engaging with and knowing the research subject and at the same time it can be a generative practice.

(MA) Artistic Research

Okuno, Mamoru



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