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PROJECT Please follow the instructions below

1. Think about what could be this project. 2. If you are curious enough, continue reading. 3. If you arrived until here, read the 65 following words. Interactive work based on movement research. The experience consists out of a series of instructions that create a clash between the brain and the body of the person who is instructed. In this one to one performance, the person instructed becomes in his turn the instructor of the next participant. It’s a collaborative learning process of a choreographic score based on language. 4. Come to experience it.

THESIS Walking backwards can help to think forward

How can we use things that we haven’t learned yet? In most cases we can’t. What about trying to answer the questions about a subject, before learning it? What about taking an exam without knowing the subject and fail? This can look pretty absurd. But if you think about the fact that you will know the questions you’re supposed to answer before studying them, it makes sense. While you will study the content, you will remember the questions and as a result, you will remember what to remember.

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