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Lee, Ingrid – ArtScience
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PROJECT On Legibility

A lecture performance addressing identity politics in the development and use of biometric technology. The lecture unpacks the implications of being legible in the eyes of the state and society, and sides with the aesthetics and politics of illegible bodies and faces.

THESIS The Poetics and Politics of Erasure

This research draws from various disciplines, beginning with archeologies of memory storage technology, navigations of remythologized histories, and investigations in digital forgetting and identity politics. From the written word to web analytics, memory storage technology have set a precedent for archival practices that neither forgive nor forget. Such practices reify hierarchical systems of knowledge production and distribution that simultaneously standardize dominant forms of knowledge, and erase knowledge deemed inferior or irrelevant. Loss, erasure and forgetting for me are generative methodologies; methods to reinvent histories; to mutate ideas and identities to the point that they are untraceable to their origins.

(MA) ArtScience

Lee, Ingrid

Hong Kong/United States of America

0031 (0)6 1879 5971


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