PetroviĆ, Katarina – ArtScience
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PROJECT Cosmologicus

“Cosmologicus” is an installation consisting of a Lexicon, Jupiter radio signals, custom made software and a black cube projection. Lexicon is an algorithmically generated book that starts with a verse from J.L.Borge’s Two English Poems. Using a dictionary to explain the words and meta-language of numbers, to order the explanations, the book stands as a causally arranged and self-contained world where every word is intrinsically connected to every other. Applying Lexicon’s word-number database to the radio signals from Jupiter, a custom software was made to enable the reading of the distant planet’s emissions. An automated poetry run by the Jupiter’s storms is projected onto the black water cube where the words are rendered into light.

THESIS On Cosmogony

The thesis reflects on the ancient and contemporary understanding of the cosmos and its origin, offering a new rendering of the primal myth. Written in four chapters, representative of the fourfold understanding of the world, it gives way to the perception of cosmos as the agent of totality and the utopian dream. Binding the world together as aether ― the fifth element of classical antiquity and the medium or substance in modern science. Still enchanting the arts and sciences today, cosmos is seen as the alchemical quintessence where carbon, calculus, concept and creation, are making for an occurrence of any artwork. The topic of artistic creation and the primal myth are analysed in conjunction, converging in the formation of a cosmos anew

(MA) ArtScience

PetroviĆ, Katarina


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