Salurand, Paula – ArtScience
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PROJECT Machine Machine

Connection between humans is created through eye contact, smell, temperature, magnetic field, verbal communication, gestures, meaningful smile, etc. Through the evolutionary traits of empathy and anthropomorphism, that we as species have evolved, we are able to connect with other species, but also with inanimate objects, such as man-made machines. We are even capable of creating empathy towards a machine that has no visual nor functional similarities to a human. To connect we need one of forementioned senses, or sensors. A camera lens works technically as a simplified version of an organic eye. Hence, I became curious about the mechanic perception and recording distorted landscapes, where objects blend together as they were never apart.

THESIS Connection between an inanimate object and a human

I am interested in prosthetics, robotics, and have been working with depth-camera images. Something that connects all these topics, is that they relate to inanimate objects. A question that follows is: “How human are they?” Each thing listed works towards the same goal, that is simulation. New media technology has opened a door to the artists creativity. It can let the audience experience a more diverse stage of performers at this period of time.

(MA) ArtScience

Salurand, Paula


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