Casiccia, Camilla – Interior Architecture (INSIDE)
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PROJECT Ockenburgh: a cooperative hostel

The Ockenburg youth hostel, designed by the Dutch architect Frank van Klingeren, is a modular, flexible building made of a dark steel structure. The hostel is fallen into abeyance and disassembled for re-use at a new location in The Hague: Morgenstond. For the adaption of Ockenburg to contemporary society, I have created a design strategy and cooperative programme with a focus on social values. It can be described as an urban alternative for the recent phenomenon of wwoofing; instead of paying money for their stay and make use of hostel services, travellers contribute by working in the hostel and in the area. In this way the hostel becomes a place where cooperation and sharing knowledge are the moving keys for activities.


(MA) Interior Architecture (INSIDE)

Casiccia, Camilla


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