Benz, David – Interior Architecture (INSIDE)
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PROJECT Kokumi for Asthma

Recently I visited Venice and when I walked on the waterfront I noticed a rectangular island: the cemetery San Michele. My visit to the cemetery attracted me in an equivocal way; I was impressed by the beauty of the fortified island but I also had an ominous feeling because it caused a strong emotional reaction. This emotional experience was the start of my fascination for spatial atmosphere. I did some field research and travelled to Therme Vals, a spa complex designed by the Swiss architect Peter Zumthor. The scenery of the resort amidst mountains confronted me, suffering from asthma, with a second fascination: clean air. A symbiosis of two subjects emerged: the development of an asthma friendly space by exploiting the spatial atmosphere.

THESIS Kokumi: Spatial Atmosphere as an Explosion of Sensory Experiences

(MA) Interior Architecture (INSIDE)

Benz, David

The Netherlands

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