Hutaries Karlina, Hegiasri – Interior Architecture (INSIDE)
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PROJECT Muzenplein, The Hague - In Search of New Life for an Urban Space

There is a place that I fear the most in The Hague due to a bad memory of being robbed. It is called Muzenplein (the square of Muses) in the heart of the prestigious high-rise business district De Resident. Was it by accident that the robbery took place here? What are the factors that contribute to the, in my opinion, uncanniness of the Muzenplein? I decided to take my personal experience as the starting point of my graduation project and to transform Muzenplein from the place that I feared into a place that I would love to go and feel safe. I use the metaphor of ‘open house’ as my design concept: a transformation from an unhomely space into a homely place by adapting the different rooms of a home into the context of a public interior.


(MA) Interior Architecture (INSIDE)

Hutaries Karlina, Hegiasri


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