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Li, Sisi – Interior Architecture (INSIDE)
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PROJECT REACTIVATE THE HUTONG - A strategy to save a fragile social housing typology in Beijing

I became interested in the Hutong due to a personal experience of getting lost in a residential Hutong district in Beijing. I did not like the atmosphere with dark alleys and high walls and started to rethink the typology of the Hutong. I found out that for me the most attractive aspect of the Hutong district is the diversity of its residents who live in social housing, like craftsmen and service personnel. In the past decades they created a strong social network and co- working system in the Hutong area. By employing their skills and by adding, linking, opening, densifying and maximizing their living spaces, I try to create economic value, offer different strategies, and reactivate the social housing in the Hutong district from the inside.


(MA) Interior Architecture (INSIDE)

Li, Sisi


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