Yokota, Yuiko – Interior Architecture (INSIDE)
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PROJECT To Be Continued - Local Indetity in Takasaki -

Why are old buildings treated so different in The Netherlands in comparison with Japan? Old Japanese houses are often demolished while the Dutch undertake effort to preserve century-old buildings. I became intrigued about this topic and found out that churches in The Netherlands are considered essential to strengthen local identity. In Japan, in contrast, non-physical elements (like rituals and skills) play a significant role to reinforce local identity. My design strategy facilitates a (re)generation of the local identity of Takasaki, my hometown, by creating a platform where materials of demolished buildings are stored and displayed to the local people to acquire them for reuse. With this platform I want to keep the memory of the city alive.


(MA) Interior Architecture (INSIDE)

Yokota, Yuiko


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