Cafsia, Lindey – Industrial Design
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PROJECT An innovative façade, inspired by mother nature

Our topic of this semester was HEALTH. Based on this I analysed the risks of insulation on health. I found out that the use of current insulation can be hazardous human health. With my project I wanted to create a concept for a new product that would be an alternative for what is now on the market. I was inspired by the way the polar bearskin works. I decided to copy that principle and combine it with BioBased materials or materials that can be recycled. This way the impact on humans and environment is minimal. A big difference with current insulation is that the new concept uses sunlight and can be ‘wrapped’ around the building instead of being covered in the cavity wall. The result is a safe product with thermal and aestetic properties


(PGC) Industrial Design

Cafsia, Lindey


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