Allen, Sylwia – Industrial Design
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PROJECT The importance of water

My project comes from a fascination with clay and its purifying and cooling properties. It is a ceramic, portable product, that will offer clean water at affordable price to the inhabitants of the underprivileged regions and tourists in isolated areas with no access to sanitation facilities and electricity. The project allowed me to specify my own interest within the Industrial Design under careful supervision of Alfred van Elk and support of a ceramist Margit Seland. My recent studies came with surprise.Educated as an architect and urbanist and fully committed to architecture, I suddenly started to appreciate materials and products. Now, I would love to merge both fields as I believe that there is a strong cross over of all design fields.


(PGC) Industrial Design

Allen, Sylwia


0031 (0)6 1842 2580


Internship at Margit Seland Studio